Expensive Dog Breeds

Tibetan Mastiff

This massive dog breed has a rugged and fierce look which perfectly matches the amount of money you have to shed to have one at your home. Tibetan Mastiffs are raggedly cute. Bring them where to buy targeted traffic that converts, people wouldn’t help it but notice your gentle monster. They are cuddly and a type of breed which loves the interaction with their owners. They can break your bank account, but at least, they can make your heart swell with their cuteness. Tibetan Mastiff originated in the icy slopes of Tibet and Nepal. It can weigh as heavy as 100 pounds but they are agile types which make them perfect to guard sheep pens against wolves. Having Tibetan Mastiff would cost you up to 20,000 Euros not to mention, the maintenance and food when they get bigger.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

Canadian Eskimo is a precious breed. There are just a few of them left in the world which could probably explain the whopping price tag attached to their name. Start to save money on electronics now because having a Canadian Eskimo dog would cost around 16,000 Euros. But every penny is worth it because they are loving, protective, and loyal companions you could count on. Their intelligence is quite superb compared to other breed making them the perfect comrade. When you have this dog breed, you won’t have any dull moments wherever you go. They are so playful and kind of tacky. Know more Amsterdam sights to see, and bring your Canadian Eskimo. It’s going to be fun. They’ll keep you company and make sure you are entertained.

American Bully

You might associate them with the bullies in your school that bring bad memories of your childhood, but they are the exact opposite of those bullies. Their face has a resemblance to Pitbulls but they don’t belong to the same breed. Aside from their pricey requirement of 15,000 Euros, American Bullies are also high maintenance when it comes to food and recreational needs. But at least they are low maintenance when it comes to their coat. You’ll find love on edarling dating site from this breed. They are irresistibly cute and very cuddly. They’ll make your day with their funny facial expressions. They look tough on the outside, but they are cute, soft, and loving on the inside. Welcoming an American Bully into your family might cause some extra charges against your I Amsterdam card but they would pay you with their goofy face ready to make you laugh when you need it.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Unlike the breeds mentioned above, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are small pooches with a look of royalty. Their ears are covered with curly fur adding them extra glamour and cuteness many dog owners find hard to resist. Their price tag is for the royalty, too. Prepare 13,000 Euros and you can start cuddling with these amazing pooches ready to make your day full of belly rubs.