Dog Stud Service

Dog stud service happens at the shop. We have healthy studs free from genetic faults and illness that may affect the health of the young pup. Cavalieri Del Monferrato breeds dogs with a high temperament which may less likely to have behavioural issues in the future.

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We don’t just accept breeding requests just because customers want them. Cavalieri Del Monferrato would assess your dog’s health and fertility. We will also discuss with you the behavioural changes that may occur during the pregnancy. Our consultation process prepares dog owners with all the possible scenarios that they may encounter. Being prepared with knowledge and skill is the key for a successful dog breeding. Cavalieri Del Monferrato also conducts ultrasounds to monitor the pregnancy of the mother.

Clear and Concise Contract

To prevent disagreement and possible issues of our transaction, we will lay out all the details of our contract. The contract will indicate the registration number, breed, and the conditions applied in our agreement. If you decide to board your dog during the breeding period, our contract will define all the things needed and fees involved.

Whelping and Neonatal Care

Whelping is a delicate matter for first-time breeders. We highly encourage that the whelping should be done at the shop as we are prepared with all the tools, medications, and necessary facilities in case of emergency. If you have no experience in neonatal care, Cavalieri Del Monferrato could also take care of that for you. Our staff are highly trained to secure the safety and health of the newborn pups. The neonatal stage is crucial for pups to survive as they are vulnerable to diseases and other life-threatening conditions. It will be best to let them stay in the shop for three months until they are fully ready.

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